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Is this Market Going to Ruin your Retirement?

Change your Lifestyle?

Is it time you make sure that you can still have the retirement you want, the financial freedom you want, regardless of current markets?


Getting this message, you have probably heard us at least once talking about the possibility of this kind of market and how we could help with your future plans.


You should have heard about or seen a webinar in the last several years where we talked about standard diversification not being adequate to protect against all market events.


Even though many financial advisors and firms think it solves the whole problem.


In the last two years you were exposed to the idea that this has been one of the biggest bubbles in financial history and provided some thoughts about how to protect yourself.


Since March, this year we have talked about how this is looking a lot like the markets between 1966 and 1982 which was the last time we heard the term “stagflation” used frequently now.


In the last month, many financial advisors and investment managers are now talking about the same thing. We are now seeing the same charts we have shown on the internet by others.


What is your financial advisor telling you to do?


Did you have a “set it and forget it” portfolio designed for you after you took a “risk” questionnaire?


How is that working?


The use of bonds to control risk also helped lower returns but now some have lost almost as much as stocks.


Do you have foreign holdings to be diversified?


Many foreign indexes have trailed US returns for over 10 years and have mostly gone nowhere.


But are you still hearing that everything is going to be OK just hang in there?


Or are they pushing annuities now?


That is not what we did for our clients.


We exited growth stocks and long-term bonds January 4, 2022.


We exited the rest of our stocks and bonds February 4, 2022.


We have had a couple stock and bond positions since then with little change in values.


You know what the markets have done since then. Stock indexes and even some bond indexes are down over 20%.


Not pretty.


So, what do you do now if you have not taken the action that we have?

That is what we are going to discuss in a particularly important webinar Friday, September 30th at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Click here to register
If you are a current client and are enjoying what we have done this year to protect you, please forward this to all your friends and family.
If you are not a client yet, please forward to your family and friends too. We need to get the message out to as many as possible.
And do not miss this webinar. While this market could turn around sometime soon, we could also be less than halfway through this bear market cycle.   

All my best,

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