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Dave Shepherd, ChFC, CFP® 
David Shepherd Jr., CFP®

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Meet Dave and David Shepherd, Certified Financial Planners™ (CFP®) and trusted father and son duo. Together, they make up a team of financial practitioners who provide clients with the skills and expertise to help them with any and all of their financial needs.

Shepherd Wealth & Retirement is a privately held wealth management firm that is independent of corporate influence and is objective in providing customized solutions to help protect and grow their clients’ wealth.

Their professionalism has led both Dave and David to be showcased on CNBC. But an even greater tribute to them is their loyal and ever-growing clientele.

“We endeavor daily to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. Through our proprietary The Shepherd Your Wealth® Process, we strive to help families understand, organize, and optimize complex financial issues to reach and maintain their most important goals.”

Dave has over four decades of experience guiding clients toward their financial goals. His credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Business and the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation. He has shared his knowledge through articles and workshops on retirement planning and as co-author of the book Financial Success in the Year 2000 and Beyond.

David draws upon lifelong experiences in financial services, including many years working in various capacities within several financial advisory practices. In addition to his CFP® certification, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance. David’s media appearances include CNBC Power Lunch, CNBC Squawk on the Street, LIVE, and the Dow Jones Newswire. When not helping families with their financial program, David loves playing and recording music and, above all, spending time with his wife and four beautiful children.

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We Believe 
Guiding business owners and successful families who want to grow and keep their wealth is what we do. Making sure they have access to some of the very best is who we are.

We often work with business owners and successful families that are worried and frustrated that because of the complexity of their lives something could go wrong.

What we do is what we believe, and what we believe is every business owner and successful family can benefit from an experienced guide to simplify the complexity of growing and keeping their wealth. We also believe that guide should help them access and build a team some of the best professionals that meet their specific needs.

We guide business owners and successful families through the complexity of growing and keeping their wealth and help them access and build a team of some of the best professionals that meet their specific needs.

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