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Get the confidence that you have a solid plan in place and you will eliminate that feeling you are gambling with your money, your future and the future of your loved ones.

The Forever Millionaire: Making Wise Choices With Your Wealth

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The Forever Millionaire

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Have you tried to make the best financial decision possible, only to find out later on that you were either mistaken or misled?

If so, you know what a gut-wrenching feeling that is.

And it’s beyond the money. It is disappointing. Frustrating. Painful!

The so-called “experts” on TV or on the internet talk as if you could never lose. It sounds like everyone has the perfect solution, that will make your money safely grow, as if in a guarded greenhouse.

But your statements and your financial scars may say otherwise.

And now, you just don’t know whom to believe anymore… and rightly so!

That is why I want to give you a free copy of our new book “The Forever Millionaire”

Where we reveal insider secrets and common misconceptions about investing and about the financial industry, so you can strive to avoid the self-serving advice from others and make better decisions with your money. Hi. I’m Dave Shepherd and for more than 35 years I have managed my own money and have helped thousands plan their retirements and financial security… and I noticed that regardless if you have a small nest egg of 2, 3 or 400K or if you are a multi-millionaire, I can almost bet that deep inside you have the same nagging, anxiety-prone feeling when it comes to managing your money. And that is totally understandable! After all there is so much at stake, right? It’s not only the money you worked so hard to make and save, but also the impact that that money will have everywhere it touches. Which is usually your life and the lives of your loved ones. You see, I started my career as an insurance agent and the company I worked for was pushing me to sell insurance products as financial vehicles that generated fat commissions for the company, but bad returns for the clients. I then realized that the only way I could offer the best strategy to my customers like you, objectively, was by starting my own independent firm. So despite having very young kids (one of them with special needs) and risking my own security by taking a big financial risk, that was exactly what I did. Years later, I was joined by my son David and together we wrote this book, especially for you. In this book we pull the curtains and reveal the strategies and techniques we personally use to manage our own money, that strive to protect and grow your investments, help you stop worrying about your finances and finally have the freedom to focus on what matters most to you! In The Forever Millionaire book, you will get the confidence that you have a personalized plan in place and you will eliminate that feeling you are gambling with your money, your future and the future of your loved ones. Here is a fraction of what you will get from the book: You will learn the four seasons approach of investing, designed to reduce excessive risk, limit large losses and optimize returns, so you can remain financially independent. You will be armed with the tools you need to find someone not only with the knowledge and experience to help you manage your hard-earned money, but more importantly, that you can trust. For example, you will know the 4-word question that will instantly tell you if the person you are talking to has your best interest at heart, or is acting as a salesperson looking to make a commission. You will have specific strategies we use and that you can follow to build your plan, aiming to bring order to the chaos and safeguard and grow your wealth. You will get a checklist you can use to help you get on track and stay on track. You will know how to eliminate the destructive effect of self-serving drive-by advice. Would you like to make better and worry-free investment decisions? Who doesn’t, right? The truth is that the anxiety and uncertainty you feel when you have to make a financial decision come from dangerous emotional behaviors most investors have. In The Forever Millionaire book you will learn how to spot and eliminate these bad behaviors so you can truly make better and worry-free investment decisions. You’ll also learn how to solve the portfolio dilemma of taking more risk to get higher returns versus facing losing it all when a down market hits. And I say when a down market hits, not if it hits! You’ll learn the 4 common strategies and behaviors that most advisors follow, but that slow down your progress. We will show them, not only what they are but also how to eliminate them. You’ll discover how to spot and avoid cookie-cutter products and find tailored strategies to your unique situation. I could go on and on about how much the information and strategies in the book can help you grow as an investor, but… if you want to do just one thing that could improve the life of your family and of the people you care for, just read the letter I wrote to my grandchildren. Using my letter as a model, you can easily write your own for your loved ones and create a powerful legacy that future generations can look to for guidance, inspiration, and for always remembering who you were and what you stood for. So the book is yours, totally free, all you have to do is provide your email for us to send the PDF to. And when you claim your copy, you will get immediate access to our Financial Clarity Assessment™, which was created to help you determine where you are, where you could go and what parts of the book you can focus on to help you get there. The reality is that despite what you hear from financial hucksters or analysts online or on TV, (that talk as if you could never lose), unfortunately there is no easy, foolproof strategy to attain and maintain wealth. We hope that by taking small but proven steps, like the strategies and techniques we reveal in this book, and again, that we personally use to manage our own money, you will be on your way to grow and remain financially independent! Think about it... What would you do with your time if you knew you could do whatever you want, whenever you want without having to deal with the stress and heartache of making the wrong financial decision? That is possible and we show you how in the book. So just get your copy now and let’s get started.

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Today's investor faces a much larger challenge than those of just ten years ago. The size and complexities of the financial marketplace create confusion. The Dow Jones industrial average has doubled in the past two and a half years, and 10,000 on the Dow is no longer a fantasy. Money keeps flooding into the market. The New York Stock Exchange daily trading volume is four times that of 1990.

Financial Success in the Year 2000 and Beyond covers financial planning and asset management, the fastest growing segments of the financial services industry. In the old days, highly commissioned salesman would simply tell their clients what products to buy. Today, there are infinitely more choices and investment options to sort through and be concerned about.

Technology has put complex investing tools into the hands of ordinary people, without good advice on how to use them. Never have so many people experienced so much control over their financial futures, yet felt a need for so much help. Applying lessons learned from past mistakes is hard and discouraging. Most people become investors without the wisdom of experience, getting the tests without first getting the lessons.
Financial Success in the Year 2000 and Beyond explores virtually every aspect of financial planning and dispels many of the myths and mysteries surrounding investing and investments.

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